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Growing Guides

Want to grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs in your own garden? We break everything down step by step, from how to grow broad beans to garlic. Take a look at our growing guides below.

  • Tips for Growing Runner Beans
    Runner beans are one of the easiest, if not the easiest vegetables for gardeners to grow. They are the perfect crop for gardeners who like […]... Read more
  • 13 Essential Tools Used for Gardening
    Our friends and gardening tool specialists at Burgon & Ball share their expert knowledge on the must-have tools to help you tackle a range of [&he... Read more
  • Tips for Growing Carrots in Pots 
    Advice for growing carrots in pots or containers. From the most suitable carrots, the ideal soil condition, which containers to use and more… Ti... Read more
  • Tips for Growing Broad Beans
    Anyone with experience growing broad beans will tell you, you get a greater crop than is reasonably affordable to buy at most supermarkets. Homegrown ... Read more
  • Tomato Plant Care: A Gardener’s Guide
    Tomatoes are one of the most popular crops for gardeners to grow. With over 15,000 known types, there’s plenty of options available. When home-grown... Read more
  • Growing Fruit Trees and Plants: Beginner Tips
    Growing fruit trees and plants is probably one of the most rewarding things you can do from home. You start with a seed/ling, young plant or [&hellip... Read more
  • Tips for Sowing Peas
    Gardening tips to help you get the best harvest of this flavoursome legume… Have you ever wondered why some people refer to peas as sweet [&hell... Read more
  • A Grower’s Guide to Harvesting Pumpkins
    It’s October, the month of pumpkins, the national symbol of autumn. Plenty of gardeners would have started harvesting their first pumpkins last ... Read more
  • Tips for Growing Garlic
    Garlic is one of the few crops that can still be grown at this time of year. It’s a crop to keep you busy in […]... Read more
  • Tips for Growing Spring Onions
    For both novice and experienced gardeners alike, growing spring onions is a great idea. They can be thrown into a range of dishes such as […]... Read more
  • Ripen Green Tomatoes Quickly
    In autumn, tomato plants begin to slow down and any fruit they hold that hasn’t matured is unlikely to ripen on its own. Luckily, there […]... Read more
  • Sowing in Autumn: Cauliflower
    Cauliflower is a Top Crop Packed with a wide range of nutrients, its no wonder cauliflower is considered a superfood. Better yet, it explains why [&he... Read more
  • How to Store and Preserve Autumn Vegetables
      Many gardeners either have or are in the process of collecting seasonal autumn harvests. If you’re one of them, congratulations on growin... Read more
  • Why Seaweed Fertiliser? 5 Ways Seaweed Boosts Plant Resistance
        If you didn’t already know, seaweed fertilisers are one of the best plant fertilisers out there. In fact, some coastal growers harvest... Read more
  • What Every Gardener Should Know About Heat Stress
      What is heat stress?   Heat stress can be understood as when the temperature of the environment of a plant is high for a […]... Read more
  • How Young Plants Can Survive the Early Spring Heat
    The early winter months of 2018 feel like they lasted a lifetime but finally we’re in the dawn of spring. We can imagine many gardeners […]... Read more
  • Why You Should Protect Plants Beneath the Soil
      When you think about gardening your own plants, the focus tends to be on tending to the plant above ground. We don’t consider root [&hell... Read more
  • Reasons to Improve Plant Root Strength
    It’s not news that plant root systems are fundamental when it comes to their growth and progression. One of the first things we learn about [&he... Read more
  • Protect Plants Against Cold Weather Damage
    Winter is upon us! This means our gardeners will soon be greeted with frost if they haven’t been already. The good news for you as […]... Read more
  • Seafeed Xtra: The Seaweed Fertiliser with Xtra Benefits
    A Historically Effective Fertiliser Seafeed Xtra’s key ingredient is seaweed. Which, historically, has been used as a gardening soil enhancer an... Read more
  • Protect Your Plants from Heat Damage
    Without the need for complicated water irrigation systems, unreliable shading or constant tending to, gardeners can grow their plants without the risk... Read more
  • Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser Benefits
    Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser Benefits   Seaweed has been used for thousands of years in gardening. It’s incredibly popular, namely for its ability... Read more
  • How To Prepare Your Garden For Spring
    To save you wondering what to do in your garden this winter, we’ve compiled some advice that will help you get your garden ready for […]... Read more
  • Feed & Protect – BBC Radio 2’s Terry Walton Endorsement
    BBC Radio 2’s Terry Walton You might remember back in March, Terry Walton (BBC Radio 2’s Allotment/Gardening Expert) gave Early Starter a ... Read more
  • Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Greenhouse Shading
    Greenhouse Shading and Why It Shouldn’t Be Used! Greenhouse shading has been around as long as…well, greenhouses. Whether it’s emulsion ... Read more
  • 5 Tips To Keep Your Greenhouse Plants Protected
      Greenhouse Protection Tips Treat with Envii Chill Out Greenhouse protection is important, as a plant’s natural reaction to excessive heat... Read more
  • Easiest Veggies To Grow: 6 Tips For Starting A Vegetable Garden
    Growing your own vegetables comes with so many benefits, there is no wonder it has increased in popularity. By participating in this hobby, you can [&... Read more