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Whether you are a garden newbie or an experienced green thumb looking to expand your knowledge, take a look through our blogs for gardening inspiration and advice. From vertical growing to lawn care guides, to how to control pests, there is something for everyone.

  • Reasons to Improve Plant Root Strength
    It’s not news that plant root systems are fundamental when it comes to their growth and progression. One of the first things we learn about [&he... Read more
  • Protect Plants Against Cold Weather Damage
    Winter is upon us! This means our gardeners will soon be greeted with frost if they haven’t been already. The good news for you as […]... Read more
  • Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Flowers
    Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day Flowers Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to share love and flowers with the special people in your life. Howev... Read more
  • Compost – 5 Characteristics It Shouldn’t Have
    The lower the price you pay for your compost, typically, you should expect the quality to match. Shop-bought compost is generally produced in mass, th... Read more
  • Seafeed Xtra: The Seaweed Fertiliser with Xtra Benefits
    A Historically Effective Fertiliser Seafeed Xtra’s key ingredient is seaweed. Which, historically, has been used as a gardening soil enhancer an... Read more
  • Protect Your Plants from Heat Damage
    Without the need for complicated water irrigation systems, unreliable shading or constant tending to, gardeners can grow their plants without the risk... Read more
  • Featured Product: SeaFeed Xtra
    SeaFeed Xtra is not your average seaweed fertiliser. It may appear to be at first glance, but it contains almost double the amount of solid […]... Read more
  • Featured Products: Envii Feed & Protect
    Featured Products: Envii and Feed & Protect Feed & Protect is a dual function repellent that feeds plants whilst deterring pests. It is 100% s... Read more
  • Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser Benefits
    Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser Benefits   Seaweed has been used for thousands of years in gardening. It’s incredibly popular, namely for its ability... Read more
  • How To Protect Your Waxy Hostas From Slugs & Snails
    How to Protect Your Waxy Hostas from Slugs & Snails The nation’s favourite garden plant is also very popular among gastropods! Discover how ... Read more
  • How To Prepare Your Garden For Spring
    To save you wondering what to do in your garden this winter, we’ve compiled some advice that will help you get your garden ready for […]... Read more
  • Testimonial From A Professional Grower
    Around 2 months ago we sent some product samples to John Soulsby. A professional grower and owner of a massive nursery dedicated to growing hanging b... Read more
  • Feed & Protect – BBC Radio 2’s Terry Walton Endorsement
    BBC Radio 2’s Terry Walton You might remember back in March, Terry Walton (BBC Radio 2’s Allotment/Gardening Expert) gave Early Starter a ... Read more
  • Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Greenhouse Shading
    Greenhouse Shading and Why It Shouldn’t Be Used! Greenhouse shading has been around as long as…well, greenhouses. Whether it’s emulsion ... Read more
  • 5 Tips To Keep Your Greenhouse Plants Protected
      Greenhouse Protection Tips Treat with Envii Chill Out Greenhouse protection is important, as a plant’s natural reaction to excessive heat... Read more
  • Customer Stories – Ian Stewart
    We recently sent some Envii Foundation to competition grower, Ian Stewart. Here’s what he had to say about his experience with it: “I rem... Read more
  • “Sleepless Slugs” are invading British gardens
    Last week, BugLife Conservation Charity warned of an invasion of “sleepless slugs” this year. The organisation suggested that 2016 will see an inc... Read more
  • Protect Against Slug Damage with Envii Feed and Protect
    How Envii Feed and Protect Works to Protect Against Slug Damage   Slugs are technically active all year round, your garden is most at risk [&hell... Read more
  • How to Win the Fight against Slugs and Snails
    Each year in the world of gardening, gastropods return like an army ready to commence attack on your lush green crops. The presence of slugs […... Read more
  • Easiest Veggies To Grow: 6 Tips For Starting A Vegetable Garden
    Growing your own vegetables comes with so many benefits, there is no wonder it has increased in popularity. By participating in this hobby, you can [&... Read more
  • Why You Should Be Using Compost Accelerator
    Why you should be using Compost Accelerator…  Is there any need for a compost accelerator? Garden waste composting is nature’s way of dealing... Read more
  • 5 Gardening Tips to Keep Your Compost Healthy
    Monitor the Moisture Levels Monitoring compost moisture levels is important to achieve healthy compost. This is because if the moisture levels are too... Read more
  • Gardeners Should Use Multi-Purpose Compost with Caution
    ... Read more
  • 10 Tips To Prepare Soil for Spring
    It is common knowledge for growers that the quality of the soil can make or break your growing season. Poor-quality soil can lead to poor […]... Read more
  • The Best Tips to Improve Compost
    The Best Tips to Improve Compost We are always hearing stories about the poor quality of shop-bought compost, complaints about how difficult it is to ... Read more